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Here you can find important information for driving course beginners.

To start driving course in Poland you will need to ensure you reached the age required for a specific category of the driving license, and to get Driver Candidate’s Profile (PKK number – Profil Kandydata na Kierowcę) in Communication Department of the City Hall.

 The age requirements.

Below you can find the age requirements which must be met for each license category:

  • category AM – 14 years old
  • category A2 (up to 35 kW) – 18 years old
  • category A (more than 35 kW) – 24 years old (20 years old for person who has held category A2 driving license for at least 2 years)
  • category B, B-automat (passenger car) – 18 years old


In order to apply for PKK, you need to fill in an application form, and attach:

– a copy of your ID

– a confirmation of residence in Poland (it means to stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland for at least 185 days in each calendar year, because of personal or business ties, or provide a document proving that you have been a student for at least six months)

– a medical certificate* (the lack of medical contraindications to drive a motor vehicle)

– a current color photo* 3.5 x 4.5 cm (for your driving license photo)

Once you have PKK number, you are ready to begin your driving course.

* – in our school the cost of medical check-up, certificate and photo is included in the price of the course.

Upon completing the driving course and passing the internal exam (both the theory and practice), you should schedule the state theory part of the exam in WORD. After passing it, you are qualified to schedule the practical part.

 Driving Course

Are you looking for a driving school in Poznan to learn driving in English? Just join us!

We provide our students with top-notch driver’s education category AM, A2, A, B, B-automat.

The theoretical part of courses:

  • the lecture hall is located it the Old Market in Poznan;
  • we use modern multimedia to ensure our students acquire the necessary knowledge easily and conveniently;
  • the price of the course includes teaching materials: a handbook, the access to tests (the same as in the state exam);
  • the first AID training is an important part of the theory;
  • we teach in a friendly style;
  • there is an e-learning option  (e-learning -> online theory). In this case you decide when you want to start your course;

The practical part of courses:

  • the maneuvering area is closed for vehicles other than training cars;
  • in our maneuvering area you are able to perform all the tasks required in the state exam;
  • we teach using the examination model vehicles;
  • the maneuvering area is close to WORD Poznan so you drive on the potential exam roads right after you exit from it;
  • we teach in built-up area, mostly on the roads on which the state practical exams are held, and in non-built-up area, including the roads of a speed limit of over 70 km/h as well;
  • we teach in a friendly and supportive style, starting with the very basics and build your driving confidence gradually when you feel comfortable behind the wheel and when you are in total control of the vehicle

After the training has been completed, you take the internal test. The scope of the internal both theoretical test and practical one is consistent with those of the state exam.


Price*, PLN

Extra hour

(60 min), PLN







A, A2






* The price includes:

  • teaching materials (handbook + tests access)
  • medical check-up
  • photo

Driving confidence course / Extra driving lessons:

Category Number of hours
Price Number of hours Price
A, A1, A2
10 1100 PLN
6 690 PLN
B, B – automatic gearbox
10 1100 PLN
6 690 PLN

The state exam

Theory part

The theory part of the state exam is your knowledge test of basic Polish road laws, including the road signs and behavior. In total, answers to 32 questions must be given. In total 74 points can be scored for giving correct answers to the examination questions. The minimum score necessary to pass the test is 68. The positive result of the test is valid for indefinite time.

You can take your theory in English or Polish. In case you decide to take it in English you shall inform WORD about that at the time of booking.

You can schedule the theory using the website: .

Practical part

The practical part of the state exam is available only to persons who passed the theory part.

Persons not speaking Polish must be accompanied by a sworn interpreter.

Remember to carry your valid ID when attempting both the theory and practical exam.

You can schedule the practical part using the website: .

Remember: the insurance fee of  100 PLN  and registration fee of 0.50 PLN must be paid before the driving license is issued. After having paid both, a document will be manufactured. The status of the driving license production can be monitored.

Contact us to find out more if necessary. Tel.:  +48 502 125 310 / +48 503 641 282

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